Talal A. Debs, PhD

> Founder, Managing Partner

Talal Debs is the founder and managing partner of X Machina Capital Strategies (“XMC”). XMC offers a new and distinct foundational platform for investing in energy and commodities.

Prior, he worked for J.P. Morgan for 15 years. With extensive energy and commodities experience, he served as chair of the bank’s oil and gas price deck committee, as well as in leadership roles covering infrastructure and commodities credit, insurance, and reservoir engineering and technical analysis. His finance background covers M&A and advisory, equity and debt capital markets, commodity trading and finance, risk, corporate and private equity-backed lending, physical and financial derivatives, and insurance.

As a core inspiration for XMC’s foundational approach, Talal has over eight years’ experience as a researcher and lecturer within the technically demanding field of the foundations of quantum mechanics and relativity theory. He has served as a post doctoral research fellow at Harvard University and on the teaching faculties of the London School of Economics and Political Science and the American University of Beirut.

Talal earned his AB in physics and the history of science from Harvard College, his MPhil in history and the philosophy of science from the University of Cambridge, and his PhD in the foundations of modern physics from the University of Cambridge.