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Navigating a Rapidly-Improving Financial Ecosystem

May 12, 2021

In a new piece for RealClearMarkets today, Talal Debs, managing partner of X Machina Capital Strategies, explores the courses we must chart for technology and regulation in the evolving financial ecosystem. Debs writes, “Advancements in fintech are providing greater access to financial services for more people, from the non-finance savvy to those trading or paying digitally for the first time. This expansion is especially relevant when it comes to investing and transaction services. The underlying story here is an innovative one that can potentially revolutionize key components of economic activity for the better.”

A New Risk Factor: “Dynamical Risk”

October 26, 2020

In his latest post, Talal Debs, managing partner of X Machina Capital Strategies, unveils a new risk factor. Debs writes, “A new category is emerging. Into the fray of what increasingly looks like a kind of “non-financial risk revolution,” it is clear there are now whole new realms of risk and opportunity for an investor to understand. The one that has captured my attention most and which I now propose as a brand-new risk factor — more properly a genus of related risk factors — is dynamical risk.

X Machina Capital Strategies Launches

October 27, 2020

With global energy markets facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, X Machina Capital Strategies (“XMC”) today announced its formation. The firm will employ a new systematic, quantitative approach to private investing in energy and commodities. X Machina Capital Strategies seeks superior returns without relying on commodity price appreciation or taking credit risk to the operator.